YEW! Your Environment's Wax *THE ORIGINAL COLD WAX*

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  • Easy to apply, long lasting, and super grippy.
  • Optimal for water temperatures below ~60°F/15°C 
  • Surf wax made from beeswax... We're Buzzing!
  • Fight colony collapse, help save the planet and surf like a pro!
  • Handmade in California with only 100% all natural, high performance wax crafted with clean pure and simple ingredients. Responsibly sourced right in the United States. Non-Toxic And No Petro Chemicals. From Mother Nature, For Planet Earth. Small Changes Lead to Big Changes. 
  • Make The Positive Choice and Do it Clean


  • FOR BEST USE: Apply wax to your board every time you paddle out.
  • Take the golden nug out of its box and give it a sniff. Savor that scent of 100% natural ingredients!
  • Making sure to avoid direct sunlight, swipe an edge of the bar firmly along your board with a slow & steady flick of the wrist until desired clumps appear. 
  • Once you've made a substantial area of your board clumpy with YEW!, lightly apply a few circles over the clumps to join and settle them against the board. They are now bumps.
  • Moving to a new area of your board, repeat this process until you have covered your desired surface area. Depending on the size of your board (and how much you like to dance), you may need to use more than one bar.
  • Paddle out and Do it Clean!

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