100% All Natural
High Performance
Sports Wax



Surf and Hockey Wax Made From Beeswax

Specific formulas tried and tested for your optimal performance!

Handmade in California with clean, pure and simple ingredients responsibly sourced right in the United States. Non-toxic. No petrochemicals. From Mother Nature, For Planet Earth. Small changes lead to big changes. Make the positive choice!


Product Testimonials

I love this wax so much. I’d take it over ‘Howies’ for sure. I had so much more control with the puck rather than using Howies wax.

Kenny (LA Jr. Kings AAA Bantam)

Wax is wax? No. This is THE wax.


The wax is great. Have more control now than when I was playing…At first people were getting chippy with me for pulling the ‘Michigan’ in men’s league BUT now all the other teams are trying.

CJ (Adult League Ripper)

No comment, but YEW!

NCAA Players

My go-to basecoat, for spring, summer or winter. This is the first thing that touches my surfboards.


I liked it! At first wasn’t used to the supertackyness because I’ve used Howies wax my entire career...I could feel the difference though it was good!

Gio (Mercer u18 Premier)

I religiously used sex wax before YEW!


I was more of a passer, but now I have new inspiration to try some new moves. Stuck it to my backhand!

Ryan (Lions ACHA)

Worked way better than expected. My friend bought the 20 pack & gave me some to try. At first I wasn’t into the whole environment part, but heck it worked well & my kids liked saying YEW!


"Riding great waves while not harming the environment... it just makes more sense to me."


"I've tried everything and this is by far the best"


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