Do it Clean with Your Environment's Soap (COVID-19 Relief)

Do it Clean with Your Environment's Soap (COVID-19 Relief)

Stay Healthy and Do it Clean!

While our surf and hockey wax production is temporarily on hold, we are using our facilities & natural ingredients in “The Hive” to make bars of soap for students experiencing financial hardship.

The soap production and donations are our small way of trying to help.

We know everyone is trying to do their best, keeping your heads up and managing in our own ways during this wild and unfortunate time.

As a company, we understand that some people within our communities are in even tougher situations.

We all want to fight this together and do our part.

We are so thankful for the healthcare workers, hospitals, EMT, police and fire departments.

Not to be forgotten, we are thankful for those working in grocery stores, delivery, and food services.

As previously mentioned, currently we paused wax production due to COVID-19 realizing there's something we can do to help. 

Since the CDC and WHO recommend everyone wash their hands frequently we decided to make soap, donating it to student bodies, particularly those of less means, to help reduce the spread.

Some of the same ingredients found in our surf and hockey waxes have been repurposed & mixed with an all natural, honey base for our beeswax soap.

Every bar will be donated and can be picked up by students when they get their school meals.

El Camino College's Warrior Food Pantry is our first stop!

This is our very small way of trying to help.

Stay healthy and Do it Clean, everyone!

Much love.


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