YEW! Is For The Bees

YEW! Is For The Bees

A message from YEW!’s beekeeper, Eric Low:

“Being a part of a 4th generation family owned apiary in Live Oaks Florida that has been in operation for nearly a century, we have seen the good and bad through the years. But we vigilantly fight for the best of earth’s creations every day: the honey bee. When the bees produce honey their hives eventually become cluttered and overcrowded with their wax, which can cause the entire hive to die. By removing the wax, we rejuvenate beehives and overall bee life. 

My family and I have been working alongside farmers and local governments to change the toxic chemical and pesticide “spray first and think later” mentality. It is our mission to bring back the decimated wild foraging plants that bees have thrived on for years. We see it not as a job or task but as a way of life, and we are beyond proud of what we do.

We also pride ourselves on producing the highest quality American beeswax that can be bought. Our family developed a wax filtration system that gives us the ability to deliver beeswax the way the bees intended, [keeping] all of its subtle and delicate properties intact.”

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