Plantable Tags For The Planet

Plantable Tags For The Planet

To do a little more to help out the bees and planet, our tags are embedded with wildflower seeds and are fully "plantable." (See Seed Tags on Wikipedia)

The tags are attached to our clothing with hemp, a plant known for its carbon-absorbing properties.

To plant, remove from clothing and cover with a thin layer of soil. Keep moist until seedlings are well-established. 

The YEW! Team would like to introduce Darnell Martinez, co-designer of our seed tags.

Darnell is an 18 year-old artist at Lower East Side Prep in NYC.

He specializes in manga-style drawings and comics and is incredibly skilled at rendering and stylizing the human figure especially.

We met Darnell through the Felix Organization, whose goal it is to enrich the lives of children in foster care.

We recognized Darnell's talent and wanted to share it! 

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