Plastic. Not so good. (It's bad!)

Plastic. Not so good. (It's bad!)

About half of all of the world's plastics have been produced over the last 15 years or so.

Plastic manufacturing grew exponentially from 2,300,000 tons in 1950 to 448,000,000 tons a mere five years ago.

Annually, around 8,000,000 tons of plastic waste releases from coastline countries into our beloved oceans.

Plastics frequently contain additives for improved strength, prolonging the life of the products with some estimates as high as 400 years to decompose.


That's why YEW!’s golden nugs are packaged in EarthPack.

YEW!’s EarthPack boxes are manufactured in Irvine, California with 100% recycled paper and printed with water-based inks.

These boxes are reusable, recyclable, and compostable.

Annually, EarthPack’s alternative recycled paper packaging SAVES:

  • Barrels of Oil: 7,850
  • Kilowatt Hours: 1,287,400
  • Gallons of Water: 2,198,00
  • Cubic Yards of Landfill: 53,380
  • Trees: 9,420

YEW!, that's a lot of saved resources!

YEW! Uses Earthpack Packaging Reducing Plastic Pollution

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