Voiz Reviews YEW! Wax —Overall Rating: 3 PLANETS! (TOP RATED)

Voiz Reviews YEW! Wax —Overall Rating: 3 PLANETS! (TOP RATED)

Voiz Reviews YEW! Wax —Overall Rating: 3 PLANETS! (TOP RATED) 🌎 🌏 🌍

by Farah Stack


I am absolutely stoked to be sharing this product with everyone. Your Environment's Wax (YEW) blew me away with how innovative, sustainable, and simplistic their wax products are. YEW makes me feel hopeful about the changes needed in the surf and wax industry, that have low impacts on the planet and help our environment. People also often forget about actively supporting the environment and the elements that sustain and bring life to it. But this principle of actively supporting elements of our environment is at the core of YEW's business. YEW's surf and hockey wax not only has low impacts on people and our planet, but it quite literally saves the bees, supports bee colonies, and doesn't harm our corals and marine ecosystems.

I love how transparent, innovative, creative, and sustainable this product and company are. I truly believe in their mission statement, “small changes lead to big changes,” and that there are so many clean and creative ways to make products that are not harmful to others. For all of the above and the following reasons, I am giving this product 3/3 worlds!

I highly recommend supporting YEW and their beeswax products! YEW is located just along PCH in Manhattan Beach, CA, pay them a visit–YEW’ll be stoked to BEE there! 

What it's made of:


YEW surf and hockey wax are paraffin-free and made mostly from beeswax. Paraffin is a colorless, waxy substance composed of hydrocarbon molecules derived from petroleum or shale oil, that has damaging impacts on our environment and people’s health. YEW’s beeswax is harvested sustainably from beekeepers trying to help fight collapsing bee colonies and is locally sourced in the U.S.! Their beeswax products are hand-made in Manhattan Beach, CA, and you can get a sneak peek of how they make their wax products on their Instagram page YEW! Your Environment’s Wax (Surf & Hockey Wax)

How it's made:


The process of making beeswax isn’t explained on the company’s website, but they do have some videos on their Instagram page showing how the surf and hockey wax is made! Their packaging is also fully recyclable and compostable, to ensure they are reducing their impact as much as possible. Now that is something to buzz about!

Who makes it:


Your Environment’s Wax (YEW), was started by Hogan Peters, who made this environmentally friendly wax for surfboards and hockey sticks. The surf wax was formulated in his dorm room for an environmental science project when he was a college student at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Peters started running the operations of his one-man small business in Manhattan Beach within the last 2 years and has even switched from making wax to making soap with the same ingredients, during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. YEW’s mission is all about providing the opportunity for the community to do the right thing for the environment without sacrificing professional performance. Their business model is about “doing things clean” to reduce our harmful impacts on the water, on the ice, and the rest of our planet.  


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