Paraffin and Soy Wax Are Bad

At YEW!, we strive to give our community a fun opportunity to help our planet and especially not hurt it, while doing what we love. Just like the paper straw, our wax is 100% natural and a great sustainable alternative to traditional ways. The difference, it’s taken time to perfect the formulas but, our wax works great. No joke, it rips.

“YEW! Your Environment’s Wax” is handmade at 4103 Highland Avenue Manhattan Beach, CA in “The Hive.” We work with our generational bee-centric beekeepers and sustainably source the honeybees excess beeswax and use it as the main ingredient in our bars.

Each bar of YEW! made and used allows surfers to help our honeybees, while not harming marine life and their bodies every time they paddle out. Vegans are also able to help the honeybees in good conscious with each bar of YEW! used. 

Unlike the others, YEW! is the only full circle sustainable high performance surf wax. We don’t use paraffin or soy wax which production of both have been proven to be very harmful to our environment and have social exploitation problems. Traditional companies use these waxes because they are cheaper than beeswax and easier to make preform well in water. 

(Current soy wax production is not sustainable for it’s workers nor for the environment. Soy wax is better for marine life than paraffin but, it is not a sustainable alternative. Paraffin is part of the petroleum oil refinement process, bad all around.)