YEW! Hockey

Your Environment’s Wax “Supertack” Hockey Wax is the best hockey wax on and for the planet!

Revolutionary Performance-

YEW! is Revolutionary for stick tricks!

YEW! is the tackiest hockey wax ever.

If you’ve ever tried to learn, want to learn and/or just want to do stick tricks more consistently- now there is a product that allows us to do that.

“The Michigan/Svechnikov” is only the beginning of the endless possibilities!

“BEE CAMO” YEW!’s slight yellow/gold tint in contrast to the black puck has been said to be distracting to goalies.


We get to help our honeybees, planet and no longer need to unnecessarily absorb chemicals into our skin when waxing our blade.

Those are some major perks that allow us to "Do It Clean" together!


YEW! Hockey Wax Supertacky