YEW! Your Environment's Wax *High Performance Series COLD WATER WAX*
YEW! Your Environment's Wax *High Performance Series COLD WATER WAX*

YEW! Your Environment's Wax *High Performance Series COLD WATER WAX*

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  • No joke, the best surf wax of the new era!
  • Ultra grippy, super sustainable high performance surf wax.
  • The stickiest and most sustainable surf wax on and for the planet.
  • Easy to apply, long lasting, and super grippy.
  • Preferred softness for water temperatures below 69°F/16°C. 
  • Surf wax made from beeswax... We're Buzzing!
  • Fight colony collapse, help save the planet and surf like a pro!
  • Handmade in California with only 100% all natural, high performance wax crafted with clean pure and simple ingredients. Responsibly sourced right in the United States. Non-Toxic And No Petro Chemicals. From Mother Nature, For Planet Earth. Small Changes Lead to Big Changes. 
  • Make The Positive Choice and Do it Clean


  • FOR BEST USE: Use on top of YEW!’s XXXtra Hard Base Coat (White Box).
  • Apply wax to your board every time you paddle out.
  • Our high performance wax is soft! Please apply indoors or in a cool shaded area.
  • If hot and humid please put wax in a cooler or fridge to keep it in optimal application condition.
  • When you aren’t using your board, turn it over or keep it in the shade.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to help prevent the wax from melting.
    Take the golden nug out of its box and give it a sniff. Savor that scent of 100% natural ingredients!
    To each their own on how they wax up!
  • One tip, swipe an edge of the bar firmly along your board with a slow & steady flick of the wrist in a cross pattern. Then rub the bar in small, then gradually bigger circles over the cross pattern.
  • Moving to a new area of your board, repeat this process until you have covered your desired surface area.
  • Depending on the size of your board (and how much you like to dance), you may need to use more than one bar. However, a lot goes a long way!
  • Paddle, paddle and Do it Clean, 🐝!

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